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Lots of products in our online store have different options (e.g. size).  Where this is the case, please ensure you choose the correct item as, unfortunately, Fragments will not take responsibility for products ordered incorrectly.


Most hardware products including cabinet & other restoration hardware available on this site are made from brass unless otherwise stated. This applies even to products described as Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel and Antique Nickel.  Depending on the product, the brass used may be sheet, cast or forged.

Door Knobs & Levers

Door Knobs & Levers are supplied as a pair with a spindle to connect the two sides. Most of our door knobs and levers are offered with 4 different options as described below. They are not supplied with any latching or locking mechanism. This must be purchased separately. Please see 'Door Locks & Latches' below.

Latch - for internal use without any sort of keyhole
Euro - primarily for external use with a large keyhole to accommodate a Euro Cylinder (sold separately)
Privacy - for bathroom use with a round hole to accommodate a Privacy Snib 
Lock - primarily for external use with keyhole to directly accommodate a key

Door Locks & Latches

Most of the locks and latches sold on this site are available in 2 different sizes. The different sizes affect the backset of the lock (that is, the position of the keyhole in relation to the edge of the lock). This in turn affects the position of the knob or lever on the face of the door. If your door has a narrow stile you may need a smaller latch or lock. Please note that if you are using knobs and your door can accommodate the larger latch or lock, it is always best to choose the larger one as you will be less likely to hit your knuckles on the door jamb when opening or closing the door as your hand will be further away. This is not a consideration when using lever handles. 

Tube Latch - for use on internal doors that only require a latch and not a lock

Euro Mortice Lock - for use primarily on external doors. Provides both a latch and lock. Lock case has a large hole through which a Euro Cylinder fits (sold separately). This cylinder takes a modern-style C4 key.

Privacy Lock - for use primarily on bathroom doors. Provides both a latch and lock. Lock case has a small hole through which a Privacy Snib fits (this is supplied when you select the Privacy version of a Door Knob or Lever set).

Mortice Lock (3 or 5 lever) - for use primarily on external doors. Provides both a latch and lock. This lock is supplied with 2 old-style keys.

Rebated Mortice Lock - for use primarily on rebated French Doors. Provides both a latch and lock. This lock is supplied with 2 old-style keys.

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Porter's Paints

Porter's Paints produce handpainted colour charts (called fandecks).  There is an Interior/Exterior fandeck that consists of over 300 beautiful colours painted in Porter's Eggshell Acrylic and a Special Finishes fandeck.  These are both available on this website.  As colours are not always represented accurately on a computer screen, we suggest that customers buy a fandeck before purchasing paint.  Once you've chosen a colour and know the type of paint required, please contact us and we'll be happy to send the paint to you.

The full range of Porter's Paints beautiful handcrafted wallpaper is also available from our website. 

For further details and technical information about all of Porter's Paints products and colours please follow the link below which will open in a new window without closing this website:


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