A simple way to keep a broken sash window open

Posted on 17 January 2017
Double-hung sash windows traditionally operate using cords, weights and pulleys. Unfortunately, it's common to have a sash window that won't stay open because the cord's broken. To fix this properly is a job that normally requires a...
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Tips on choosing the right door hardware for your period house

Posted on 17 December 2016
The first thing to consider is when your house was built.  Does it fit easily into a defined architectural period such as the Victorian era from approximately 1840 to 1890?  If so, can you narrow the style down further into early, mid...
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Looking to improve your outdoor living space?

Posted by Fragments on 22 November 2016
With summer almost upon us, we'll soon all be spending more time outside: and after a long, cold and wet wait for those of us in Tasmania, it can't come soon enough! When the weather warms up you can throw open the doors and suddenly yo...
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